Translation in English

Save Our Roomburgerpark (Our People’s Park)

Our Key Message in Brief:

Are you against a plastic (or artificial grass) hockey field in one of our Leiden parks?
Chose “tegen”  when the referendum in March will be there.

Our Key Message in Detail:

The town of Leiden wants to build a fourth hockey field of ±6,000 square metres made of artificial grass or “plastic” in the green public open area in Leiden called the Roomburgerpark.

In order to build this field, 67 trees will be cut and thousands of square meters of public greenery will disappear. As a consequence, the park will have high fences, light poles and noise pollution — a completely different experience for the park visitor.

The design proposal, entitled Wijksportpark Roomburgerpark, will cost the town millions of euros at a time of financial cutbacks.

It is being pushed through against the will of the local and neighbourhood residents. Leiden is already one of the most stone covered municipalities in the Netherlands, and its open spaces are under serious pressure.

We attach great importance to the ability of the residents of Leiden to have open spaces in city parks to spend their leisure time.
The irony is that Leiden’s “greenest municipal council ever” is about to push through this costly and unsustainable design proposal.
Together we can stop this by calling for a referendum. Only by acting together can we stop this–by calling for a referendum.

In March, together with the national elections all citizens in Leiden can vote extra for a referendum;  “tegen” (that means , you don’t agree with the proposal of the city.)